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Construction and Trade skill jobs are in high demand! Read the job descriptions below to learn more about exciting opportunities in the construction and trade skill industry.

Asphalt Jobs

The Asphalt Laborer position is responsible for performing various duties on construction and/or paving projects. The employee will generally work in utility capacity by transferring from one task to another where demands are required. The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. The employee must be able to stand, walk, use hands and fingers to manipulate objects or controls, climb or balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl, talk and hear, occasionally lift and/or move anywhere up to 50 pounds, work in all weather conditions, frequently required to sit, climb, and use hands, occasionally required to stand, walk, crawl, kneel, bend, and reach with hand and arms above their shoulders, vision abilities (with correction) include close, distance, peripheral, depth, and the ability to adjust focus.

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Backhoe Operator Jobs

A backhoe operator drives and manipulates the bucket of a backhoe to dig and move dirt, sand, gravel or a combination of these materials. He may also operate similar earth-moving or construction equipment as part of his job or have expertise exclusive to backhoes. A backhoe operator must be able to interpret stakes and signage on the land. These indicators typically convey the perimeter of the area to be excavated and the desired depth of the hole. He must have the ability to control the backhoe and bucket to get the job done in a safe and timely manner. The operator is expected to follow strict safety guidelines when using the backhoe to prevent harming others or himself. Operating a backhoe and its bucket requires good upper body strength and overall physical agility. The ability to move heavy objects is often required to remove rocks and debris from job sites. Backhoe operators are frequently expected to work in all weather conditions.

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Certified Forklift Jobs

Certified Forklift Operators work in warehouses, factories and storage sites, and operate forklifts. Forklift Operators are responsible for optimizing loads to ensure operational efficiency. Forklift Operators will need to transport valuable items, requiring diligence and good hand-eye coordination. Duties include loading and unloading products, storing goods, and reporting faulty equipment, delivering products in a timely manner, maintaining inventories, and keeping the working area clean. To uphold safety standards and to be a good role model for fellow employees is the first and most important duty. Other duties of a forklift driver include keeping your work area clean, taking care of your forklift, making sure you have all the supplies you need, managing inventory, and helping with deliveries.

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Concrete Drywall Jobs

Drywall Installers place drywall panels into building frameworks. The most common duties of these workers are selecting the appropriate materials, making sure safety standards are followed, applying exterior finishes, consulting with customers, and eliminating imperfections. Some qualifications include physical strength, stamina, and attention to safety, having an eye for details, time management, and teamwork. Drywall laborers are responsible for installing wallboards to ceilings or to interior walls of buildings and applying plaster, smoothing out imperfections with trowels and shackle, applying coats of compound after panels are mounted to walls or ceiling, applying drywall to walls or ceilings, fastening drywall panels to the inside framework of building, preparing panels for painting by taping or finishing joints, reading blueprints and designs, filling joints in-between panels with spackle, covering nail and screw depressions with spackle, etc.

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Electrical Jobs

Help electricians by performing duties requiring less skill. Electrical laborers’ duties include using, supplying or holding materials or tools, and cleaning work area and equipment. Electricians are responsible for installing, maintaining, repairing electrical systems. They work in both commercial and residential settings: from homes, to stores, schools, manufacturing facilities, and more. They ensure that work is in accordance with relevant codes. Electricians read blueprints, solve complex math problems and install electrical systems.

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General Labor Jobs

General laborers work at building, highway, and heavy construction sites. The job duties of a general laborer include cleaning and preparing a job site, loading and delivering materials, and using a variety of tools and machines such as blowtorches, forklifts, levels, lifts, power drills, grinders, saws, pressure washers, and water spraying equipment. Laborers set up and take down ladders, scaffolding, and other temporary structures. They help carpenters, masons, and other specialized contractors. At road construction sites, general laborers may control traffic. They set up markers, cones and barricades and may flag vehicles to control the flow of traffic. General construction laborers must have physical strength, hand-eye coordination, and endurance. Laborers must also be able to concentrate on their tasks. The ability to understand and communicate information is also essential. General laborers are workers who take up various supporting tasks in warehouses, construction sites or other settings.

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Landscaping Jobs

A landscape laborer maintains landscapes such as lawns and gardens. They plant trees, flowers shrubs, and other plants. They also maintain these plants by trimming them, pruning them, watering them, and feeding them. Maintaining a lawn consisting of grass is frequently a large part of the laborer's job. They mow the lawn using a motorized or manual lawn mower and may be expected to use fertilizers and pesticides. Design of gardens and landscapes may also be needed, and some positions require clearing streets, parking lots, and sidewalks of trash and buildup such as snow and/or dirt. The Landscape Construction Laborer is responsible for completing construction landscape installation jobs in an efficient manner, promoting job worksite safety, providing excellent customer service, and exhibits pride and quality workmanship.

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Welder Jobs

Produce metal products in accordance to specifications while fabricating and assembling metal structures with the use of welders, cutters, shapers and measuring tools. Depending on the project size, multiple welding machines and metal equipment are utilized for a variety of proportions. Reading and decoding blueprints, sketches and diagrams is essential in this line of work to help determine operations, timeframes and required materials needed for any given project. Safety and communication are crucial when operating and maintaining metal machine mechanics, by utilizing gloves, goggles and helmets while communicating effectively with team members, management and customers alike.

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Masonry Jobs

Many responsibilities include lift/carry heavy objects while texturing and/or polishing stone, mixing cement and mortar and sometimes restoring old and damaged masonry works.

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Home Improvement Jobs

Contractor individuals obtain proper building permits, purchase materials/equipment needed for specific projects while also ensuring it meets all codes and regulations.

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